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3 Types of Mobile Games You Can Play Online   AT&T   Verizon   T-Mobile   Sprint   Cell Towers   Compare   Mobile App 

When it comes to mobile games, there are so many options to choose from. The sheer number and variety of games available on the market make it impossible to try all the games available, so it truly comes down to your own preference and what you like as a gamer to select the games that you like and want to dedicate your time to. Here are three types of mobile games you can play online. 

mobile games you can play online

Hardcore Games

These games tend to be for gamers that want to extend their play sessions for prolonged periods of time. Unlike casual games, these are more engaging experiences that can utilize methods such as an engrossing story, or evolving gameplay to encourage players to continue playing and keep their attention. The games will tend to be more complicated than other games, and won’t always be easy to get into. Gameplay sessions won’t last just a couple minutes, and instead, will force you to sit down and dedicate some time to your game experience. Some games that can be categorized into the hardcore category are shooters, RPGs, action, and adventure games.

Casual Games

Casual games are meant to be played exactly this way, casually. If you own and play casual games, you are most likely killing time during your commute or while you wait for friends or family. Casual games can be played in small spurts, but get repetitive over long periods of time. To offset the repetition, rewards are needed to entice continuous play. Other qualities of casual games are that they are quick to navigate into a game with little menu time and create a consistent play experience throughout your game time. There are many games that are encapsulated in the casual games category, from word games to endless runners. The people behind 188BET also suggest trying casino type games and test your luck to win a quick buck. These types of games follow the same requirements such as requiring little time to complete sessions, being able to jump in and out of games quickly, and not requiring a large commitment.

Multiplayer Games

Both hardcore and casual games tend to be focused more on the single-player experience. Although some games may add the capability to play with or against another person, it is not the central focus of the experience. Some games will incorporate a leaderboard or have you compare scores or compete with a few people. There are, however, games that are solely dedicated to creating a gaming experience for a large number of people. These would be considered MMOs or Massive Multiplayer Online games, which bring together hundreds or thousands of users on the same servers. The gameplay cannot be experienced in a single sitting, and although that is also true with some hardcore game experiences, MMO factor in the experiences shared by multiple users and how they interact with each other. These games usually focus on strategy and action. 

multi player games

The mobile game market has so much variety that regardless of your preference, you are sure to find a game to help you pass the time. Whether you are a casual gamer or gaming more competitively or seriously, you have your choice.


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