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Dead Cell Zones

  Reasons Why Is Cell Tower Vandalism On The Rise

The incidents of vandalism of cell towers have taken place due to the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was being spread by the towers having 5G technology. Due to this theory over 50 cell towers were demolished in just a 7 days period. 

The major affected telecommunication companies include EE, Vodafone, and BT. This major loss took place due to a false theory that 5G towers are spreading coronavirus. 

Given below is a brief description of the conspiracy theory involved in cell tower vandalism and its reality: 

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●    The Spreading Of Conspiracy In The Uk:

In the UK a wireless cellular tower was set on fire and then at night in Liverpool, a telecommunication box was set ablaze. Across the UK more than 30 acts set towers ablaze each day. 

After that, in between 10 to 13 of April, the rise in these attacks has been observed. The attacks on 22 towers of EE phones were reported however all these attacks were not successful.

But the vicinity of these towers was evacuated and some folks were arrested on suspicion. EE confirmed and showed the report that numerous towers under attack did not have the facility of 5G technology.

BT released a report that showed 11 towers of BT were demolished and damaged by the help of a fire. Many workers including 39 engineers were beaten brutally and assaulted physically by the mobs.

●    The Spreading Of Conspiracy Theory In The US:

In the United States, this theory was promoted by singer Keri Hilson who has millions of followers on Instagram as well as on Twitter. She tweeted about the relation between coronavirus and 5G technology although she deleted her tweet after that. 

She posted a video on her Instagram account, this video had false and baseless beliefs. She explained that in 1918, the flu pandemic was aroused due to the invention of the radio. She was not the only celebrity who believed in this false supposition but many other celebrities also contributed to her belief and supported her.    

The state officials of government stated that the theory that 5G technology is spreading coronavirus is baseless and far from ground realities. The mobile operators are loyal to the state and are not involved in any illegal activities which produce coronavirus.

●    The Investigation Regarding This Issue: 

cell tower in fog

The incorrect and superstitious belief about 5G technology is due to the insufficient awareness of the folks. This theory converted the anger of the people into violence. The professionals at Cutty Investigations can help clear this situation that no such side-effect of 5G technology is spreading coronavirus. In this way, we can cope with the rising vandalism of cellular towers. 

  • The link between 5G and coronavirus:
    There is no proper link between the 5G technology and coronavirus. The statistics of corona-infected areas have shown that covid-19 also infected the people living in areas where there is no 5G facility. 

The theory is conveyed by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram without any valid evidence. So the officials of these social media platforms took steps to grab those people who spread this misleading information about the spreading of coronavirus.

●    What 5G Technology Is?

The 5G technology is the new technology. It consists of encoding standards only, which works on numerous kinds of waves. In the UK and China, the 5G band is in between 4G and 5GHz wifi so 5G is the sandwich between these two. The behavior of the 5G band is similar to that of LTE bands and it has a lower frequency as compared to bands used before. 

In the USA 5G technology used is somehow different from encoding on airwaves that have been used for 100 years. Some higher frequencies known as millimeter waves are used in the USA instead of the UK, but at that time they have no coverage. 

5G with mm-wave technology is certified to be safe for humans by the institute of ‘’International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’’. It only produces some heating effect which was faced by the operators. After China, Citywide 5G coverage is also available in the USA as well as in the UK. 

The vandalism of cellular towers started because of a misconception. It causes huge loss of lives of folks due to resulting violence. A lot of mobile towers were being demolished in different countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, and many more. In this context, 2020 is surely the toughest year the world has ever seen. It not only caused huge loss of lives but also damaged the wireless industry to a great extent.


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