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  5 Best VPNs, Rated and Reviewed for Speed, Privacy, and Value


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best ways to stay anonymous while using the internet. It was originally designed to shield your real IP address and misdirect anyone trying to find your exact location. However, VPNs can come in handy in several other ways, but it depends on the type of service you subscribe to. People can bypass government restrictions on certain websites, watch movies or TV shows on streaming platforms that aren’t available to their country, or even prevent their ISP (internet service provider) from throttling their connection speed. If you’re thinking of subscribing to a VPN service soon, then read on to learn about 5 of the best VPNs available in the market when it comes to value, speed, and privacy levels.


The CyberGhost VPN is a remarkably effective VPN service that is capable of keeping users safe online and it has a user-friendly interface. It has excellent features for torrenting and streaming with strong security processes that protect users from any potential hacks. It hides IP addresses quite effectively and it has boosted speeds when you watch streamable content. Downloading torrents with excellent/strong seeds is easy and the security level high enough to shield your activity online. The service also has reliable live chat support for customers and they have speedy response times.

It’s a German and Romanian-based VPN and that comes quite handy if users want to be invisible to most government organizations. However,  even though it comes with  a 24-hour free trial, it’s quite expensive compared to other options. Another flaw is that the service doesn’t have many server options and that may cause problems for some users, but it depends on the day and the server status. It works well for mobile devices and the rest of the perks make it a highly-rated choice for millions of users.


If you’re looking for value, then NordVPN is the biggest bang for your buck because it’s known for being an encryption powerhouse. It’s great for unblocking most streaming websites and bypassing any BBC iPlayer restrictions is possible with NordVPN. Reddit is one of the best ways to get honest information and feedback directly from users that have tried several VPNs. Many  Reddit users think to themselves and claim, “I think my favorite post in r/vpngeeks is when users discussed which VPN service is the best” And quite frankly it can be helpful because you will learn from people that subscribed to certain services and read an explanation why it’s worth it.

When it comes to NordVPN, users find it to be one of the most affordable choices available to get high-quality speed, strong security, and effective masking of IP addresses or online activity. It comes with a great  customer support team that is available 24/7 on their live chat feature as well. The only downsides of this option are the UI issues with the client and the lack of browser extensions. Overall, users rate it quite high on the list for reliable VPN services.


Another highly-rated choice is ExpressVPN and it’s known to be one of the best choices for stellar privacy features. This service has a strong encryption algorithm that throws off any hackers or government agency that tries to pinpoint your location, misdirecting them to another spot away from your real location. The service uses its own DNS servers and it has a reliable split-tunneling system for extra security.

It’s flexible and it has a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive list of servers that users can choose from. The service has a no-logs policy which makes users feel safer online because not even the VPN providers can check a user’s logs and activity online. It’s quite expensive and it requires an extra app for the browser and mobile extensions. The high price can be overlooked because of the excellent performance, high speed, servers for 160 locations, and excellent customer support.   


Surfshark is rated as one of the cheapest VPN services available in the market, but it does come with appealing features too. It has speedy connections with its WireGuard features on all Surfshark apps, bypasses any restrictions to famous streaming platforms, and new users get a very cheap introductory deal for subscribing. Surfshark has 1700 servers to choose from, making it very simple for users to switch depending on the content they want and the speed they need.

The provider has no limits or restrictions on the number of devices that are allowed for every user. It has an effective ad blocker, P2P support, 24/7 live chat for customers, and DNS servers for extra privacy. Even though it’s cheap, it has a strong kill switch that blocks internet access immediately in case of vulnerabilities in the connection to protect users and prevent identity leaks. 


The ProtonVPN service is reliable and rated quite well when it comes to advanced security features. It doesn’t have live chat support and it may have performance issues in multiple areas, but it makes up for that with unlimited bandwidth for users. This service is known to work conveniently for mobile devices with its high-quality and user-friendly apps. It’s a Swiss-based service and they pride themselves in having audited apps for security and privacy.

They are the same providers that created the encrypted ProtonMail email service. It has good speeds and excellent privacy advantages compared to other providers.  Users can rest assured knowing that session logging is non-existent thanks to the strong privacy laws Switzerland has. Thanks to the decision they made in 2020 to make the service an open-source app, users can see proof of reliable security procedures from the audit reports.

The end-to-end encryption services are quite appealing to millions of users online that want to remain hidden online, keeping them safe from possible hacks or data breaches. The benefits you gain from this service make it worth the cost because you can safely browse anything you want online without restrictions or slow connection speeds. Consider ignoring the free services because they have a ton of bloatware that slow your devices and the pop ads are quite annoying to deal with. Users are better off subscribing to one of the VPNs listed above for a safer and better experience online.




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